Shards of Vorenthal

Sam- The cave of doom

Forests, why does it have to be forests. We finally caught up with the other group, beardie proved to be less than useful (as usual). The hothead (get it? ‘Cause his head is literally on fire) seems to be very good at failing to do whatever he tries to do. We have a tin man in the group, so that’s pretty cool, also he (it?) has his (its?) way of making things die, eldritchly. There’s some sort of a rock person among us, who seems quite eager to head into danger. Note to self: don’t follow Rocky. And lastly there’s a girl, who seems like the most reasonable of them all. All things considered, I guess we’re gonna make it. We raided what appears to be a cult hideout. The entrance provided to be a bit of a challenge, but Dad’s right, never go into the wild without a good trusty coil of rope. A few dead goblins later (wait, did I forget to grab their heads? Will check), we found two humans among them. Poor life choices really does have a huge impact. The guys said they found some sort of a teleportation device, we’ll see how things go from there. Also, found a ring and a rod of something. Wonder what they do.

Seluku - Doublekill

I have made a gross error in judgments- casting my lot in with imbeciles and incompetents. Two of them died today in spite of my best efforts to mother them through what amounted to little more than a bar fight. They were weak. The survivors are suspect as well. But my only option is to stay with them for now, and hope they learned something from what was clearly their first encounter not just with an armed enemy, but with a deadly weapon of any kind.

Crafting these healing darts is tedious work.

Yuriel - Doublekill
Goblin Haxxorz

While chasing the last goblin, we heard a cry. I reluctantly followed the group to discover the source of the cry for help, a hunter about to be sacrificed to the goblins’ god. We battled a goblin hexer who seemed way too powerful to be a normal monster. While we managed to slay the hexer and his minions, 2 members of my party lie dead as well. The hunter gave us some supplies to further our journey, though I feel we may need more people to handle what’s in store for us…

I was no help during this encounter. I dealt more damage to myself than to anyone else. I feel that the goblins’ god has blessed his subjects a little TOO WELLcough

DM's Log - Session 2 - Doublekill

Whelp, it happened. Two PC’s died during our encounter today. I feel like the party’s struggles are due more to group composition than individual play (although RNG played a large role as well). I do not feel they were arbitrary deaths, as at least one was a deliberate choice the other was a consequence of charging headfirst into a party of goblins (gloriously).

Moving forward, we could have a session Saturday, we’ll see what happens. I’m giving both David and Nate one legacy point to compensate for the fact that they can’t write an adventure log this week.

F looted a ring from one of the goblins, for those who are concerned about lack of treasure. I’m trying to seed some stuff on most (not all) maps, so keep your eyes open for cool stuff!

See you next time!

Yuriel - The Green Goblin
Goblins OP

Today was a bad day. We went hunting for goblin heads in exchange for gold. However, the winds were strong and our group was ill-prepared for them. I also feel that they were a little stupid, trying to backflip from ledges after being blown off the edge of the shard or charging head first into the enemy territory. I almost died. As I lay there, I saw my father reach out his hand; not to take me to the afterlife, but I feel as if he wanted his fullblade back after that pitiful display of combat I made, missing my skills over and over.

3 healing surges used.

Seluku - The Green Goblin

The screams of my brothers still echo within me. Each day that passes without vengeance is a great injustice. Sadly, I lack the means or skill to exact it – and so I have fallen in with five other misfits in search of two things I badly need: gold, and experience in combat. We swept aside those pesky goblins without undue effort or incident, save for the fact that half of us gazed into the gaping jaws of death. It is not yet time for me to go back to sleep – not until the Gears have been avenged and their mission completed. I fear this may take some time.

20 HP, 2 healing surges used

The Green Goblin
F the Broken

Sleep called to this one, but the Queen commands sleep. This one can never sleep.

11 gifts to the Queen. 11 steps toward redemption. This day was good. There are 5 others. That one is good. That one might be. The rest will please the Queen someday. This one will protect that one. That one is broken, but the Queen cannot claim that gift.

The last dark one ran with cowardice. The Queen will find the dark one. Ravens will feed. Let the dark one run to the nest. The Queen will not hunger, and darkness will leave this shard.

Healing surges used: Just the 1 surge actually.

DM's Notes - Session 1 - The Green Goblin

Session 1 was fun. Everyone came close to death but I feel like most of the group doesn’t mind that. If you do have a problem with dying or anything we do in the campaign please let me know. This is meant to be fun for everyone and the best way to ensure that is communication.

Some admin stuff: you are free to tweak your characters however you want between now and next session. I know some people encountered minor problems that could use some correction.

In past campaigns we’ve used a legacy point system to reward both creative role playing during sessions and writing adventure logs. I’m going to institute that system here as well, but with a cap of 5 legacy points per person (to keep them manageable). I may adjust this cap depending on how people feel about it. One legacy point can be turned in just like an action point to raise any roll (except damage rolls) by +1. You can spend as many as you want on a roll but they must be before you know the result (unlike action points). Its up to the DM what constitutes creative role playing, but you always receive one legacy point for an adventure log (meaning you can get at least one legacy point per session).

See you next Tuesday! Saturday migggggght work but it doesn’t sound like it. I will keep everyone informed.

[Kurrath] - The Green Goblin

There really are a lot of things I can learn about the mortals. Apparently they don’t trade goods with other goods, they have something in between. For some reason they use gold, which doesn’t have much practical value. There are clues leading to where the “familiar face” my queen mentioned, but I didn’t have time to investigate. The town is harassed by goblins and by the name of my queen, I will hunt them down. But it seems that I was the one being wounded more, as it turned out. We got ambushed by a pack right at the exit of the phaseway, it was a nasty battle. At least I have companions this time, and they seem genuinely decent.

I Will Return

Surges spent: 5

[Kurogane] - The Mysterious Temple, part 1

We have raided part of the cultists’ hideout. Somehow it reminds me of a ruin near our monastery back in Rokugan. Master Masuda mentioned the ancients were involved with those ruins. Maybe this cult is even more dangerous than I thought?

Days of not knowing how to get back: 5


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