Shards of Vorenthal

Sam- The cave of doom

Forests, why does it have to be forests. We finally caught up with the other group, beardie proved to be less than useful (as usual). The hothead (get it? ‘Cause his head is literally on fire) seems to be very good at failing to do whatever he tries to do. We have a tin man in the group, so that’s pretty cool, also he (it?) has his (its?) way of making things die, eldritchly. There’s some sort of a rock person among us, who seems quite eager to head into danger. Note to self: don’t follow Rocky. And lastly there’s a girl, who seems like the most reasonable of them all. All things considered, I guess we’re gonna make it. We raided what appears to be a cult hideout. The entrance provided to be a bit of a challenge, but Dad’s right, never go into the wild without a good trusty coil of rope. A few dead goblins later (wait, did I forget to grab their heads? Will check), we found two humans among them. Poor life choices really does have a huge impact. The guys said they found some sort of a teleportation device, we’ll see how things go from there. Also, found a ring and a rod of something. Wonder what they do.



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